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My GURU-SHISHYA Parampara - Tradition

Pandit abhay narayan mallik is a leading exponent of Dhrupad and Dhamar form of

the indian classical music .He represents the Darbhanga-mallik gharana which

specializes in the Gaurharbaani style of Dhrupad.It is also called the gurubaani

as its the baani or original form which was popularised and imparted by  legendary

Swami Haridas and Tansen.This tradition is over 350 years old and directly

descends from Swami Haridas and Tansen under the Senia Parampara.Dhrupad

flourished in the Mughal courts and survived in the patronage of the Royal court

in the pious land of Mithila till the preindependence era.He is the only Dhrupad

singer- living - who has kept this tradition alive in its original form,without

diluting the sanctity of Dhrupad.The purity and divinity of indian classical music

lives on with dhrupad.In fact all forms of contemporary indian music branched off

from dhrupad over the ages.Dhrupad is at the root of indian classical music.

Early childhood:-

Panditji was born on 19th march,1937 in Village Amta in district Darbhanga,Bihar

in the eastern part of india. Born to Jaya Devi and Jay Narayan mallik on the day

of Ramnavmi,in a family of aadi gaur Brahmins, he was named "Lala" with fondness

which became his nickname. His father was a student of law and took great interest

in learning and appreciating the intricacies of music.His father died early when

he was just 5 years old.Being the first grandchild and fatherless, he enjoyed

immense love and affection in the joint family and was mostly pampered by his

grandfather Pandit Beni Madhav Mallick and granduncle Pandit Ram chatur Mallick.

      He spent his later years observing and listening them in the morning and

evening "riyaaz" - teaching his pupils the fine nuances of Ragas, imparting old

and rare compositions and  discussing the Hindu scriptures.He himself says - his

guru Pandit Ram Chatur mallik looked up to his grandfather Pandit Beni Madhav

Mallik for ideals and musical inspiration and was very fascinated by him.

The tradition:-

Being the family of court musicians who served at the Royal court of Darbhanga,

they enjoyed the landlordship of the surrounding areas bestowed by Raja Madhav

singh to their ancestors .It was his ancestors Radhakrishna sharma and Kartaram

sharma who were learning under the tutelage of Bhupat khan "Maharang"(his pen

name) - the royal singer in the court of the Nawab of Awadh,Nawab Shujaudaullah in

Lucknow.Bhupat Khan was the great grandson of Mia Tansen. At that time, raja

Madhav Singh had come to lucknow on an official visit to seek some relief in tax

from the nawab.Between 1769 and 1773, the entire Mithila or Tirhut was engulfed in

a heavy drought making the life of people miserable. The massive drought had

brought everything to a standstill and so raja was thinking of ways to come out of

it.So he asked "Maharang" if his disciples could bring rain by singing Raag Megh

upon which he mentioned his two Brahmin disciples.The duo had already completed 35

years of their training and their performance was showcased at the court.Then the

two brothers,after taking their guru's permission, accompanied raja to

Darbhanga.All arrangements were made,the duo observed silence and prayed at a

cottage near Madheshwar mandir for 7 days and then began singing .On the third

day,it began raining and rained incessantly for the next 15 days. Still now, that

rockstone stands at the madheshwar mandir where the two brothers sang raag megh to

evoke rain.That spot is still worshipped by the family on auspicious occassions

for wellbeing.Relieved by their deed,the raja  bestowed a zagir of 400 acres 28

villages and conferred the position of "Raj Gayak" or court singers at Darbhanga

raj. And that is how Darbhanga Mallik-Gharana under the Senia parampara was

established."Malik" - a sanskrit word which means "adhishthaataa" is a recent

title conferred by Maharaja Lakshmeshwar Singh to his court singer Dharampal

sharma singh and since then the family came to be known as Malliks.

At the age of 13,his majesty Rajabahadur Bisheshwar Singh himself arranged for his

training under A.D.C Pt.Ram Chatur Mallik in which he got a monthly scholarship

and ration at Darbhanga.He spent his teenage years in the mehfils at the royal

court absorbing and grasping the nuances of rendition in different genres.In his

own words - he took taalim from his guru for 14 years and then accompanied him on

national and international concerts for the next 4 years.
From 1983 to 1997 he served at India Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya,Khairagarh and

retired as Dean - Faculty of Music.

Awards and Honours:-
Swati Tirunal
Dhrupad Bhushan
Sangett Natak Academy award
Mithila Ratna

Casettes and Cds:
A compact disc released by a German company - Raag Paraj
L.P disc released by a French company Sunset-France - Raag Darbari Kanhra and

HMV Cassette - Raag Bhoop Kalyan and Thumri in Mishra Khamaj
NINAAD co. Cassette Gaurhaar - the pearl of Darbhanga Dhrupad; Raag Jaijawanti

At 75, today, he is the only Dhrupad singer who can showcase about a dozen of

original compositions of TANSEN which is a cultural heritage.
Pt Abhay Narayan Mallik is now based in New Delhi.He runs a Gurukul in his own

capacity for a select students of Dhrupad.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

PAHHEL - an initiative

Today  on 03rd March, 2013 at  3.00 am at home sitting on my study table i finally have made a Blog for my expression and intellectual digestion . I had been stalling this - or say procrastinting - for the last 06 months and was not able to push myself enough for this creative and intellectual pursuit. The days lost clearly and blatently imply how lazy and laid back i am. However , to be honest , i was really held up in the rough and tumble of my life. Gave an interview on 07 feb got an offer letter on 09 feb at 0930 pm after a gruelling session at Satya Niketan , joined on the Valentine's Day , got my Id card on 26th feb ... also got the Registry and transfer of ownership for the new home on 28 feb and so on ... a flurry of activties ... and all these kept me held up.
        However this does not exonerate me. How could i escape from the sin of missing out on such exercise/pursuit - which is going to organise the cluttered thoughts, observations and views lying cursory in my mental drawing- room ; or capture a faint or fleeting blink of a thought or idea or any weird feeling on my mental radar ; and thus give direction to this lost and wandering soul - how could i ignore this ? Now i would rather ' type down ' - not pen down , i guess in would be the first to coin this term - regularly and sort,sift and arrange my views and observations on national , political, social , cultural , which agravate and agitate my soul in this impotent democratic country. Someone rightly said ' intellectuals are the most impotent people' or soch gahri ho jaye to irade kamjor ho jate hain. So i feel like one of its helpless and impotent citizen who is compelled to grin and bear the deeds of its NETA , ABHINETAA and COROPORATE VIKRETAA.

I am going to sleep now its 4.00 am and would sign in later in the day with more thoughts.